Teacher accused of having sexual relationship with student says it was 'worth it'


Don't hold your breath for an apology in this case.

A Florida teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student said it would be "worth it" if he got caught, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Jason Michael Tarlton, an employee of Lake Weir High School, was investigated by local deputies after a school resource officer caught wind of numerous inappropriate images of the teacher and his victim, who has not been identified, uploaded to the social media app After School on Tuesday.

Per a press release from sheriff's deputies, there were two images on the app.

One showed Tarlton, 30, and the student partially nude in a hotel mirror. The other was of Tarlton completely undressed.

Speaking to deputies, the victim said that she was no longer a student at Lake Weir High School, but noted that Tarlton had been her teacher the previous year.

She also admitted that the two had been sexually involved.

"She said that Tarlton told her that he loved her and if he ever got caught, he said she was 'worth it'," the Marion County Sheriff's Office's statement revealed.

The victim claimed she accidentally uploaded the photos of herself and Tarlton to the After School app.

After speaking with the young woman, deputies visited Tarlton's residence, where they arrested him.

While taking him into custody, officers spotted a printed copy of the Florida statutes for Chapter 948.30, which pertains to probation and community control as it related to sex offenses, on the passenger seat of his vehicle.

The paperwork had been printed that same day.

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