The Top 20 Battles of the Year


The Top 20 Battles of the Year

20. Monstar vs Nunn Nunn (SYIGU Battle League)
They both was spazzing in this crazy one rounder. I felt it was a tie.
19. Lexx Luthor vs Truth Watson (SYIGU Battle League)
Truth came out with solid bars and real angle on depression that made his round solid but Lexx just came with wit and jokes to take this one round battle.
18. T Top vs Ave (URL)
Ave had mad lyrics that was going over heads in the building. Punchlines galore but t top performance was A1 in this match up. I gave it to top 2-1
17. Prep vs Chef Trez (URL)
Fire back and forth from these guys and this battle had a lot of intensity. It is hard to call a winner. I had chef trez edging it 2-1 but prep last round was crazy as he had one of the haymakers of the year. (Saga and Jaz flip)

16.Danja Zone vs Big Kannon (RBE)

Anomostity between the two formers co members of Writer’s Block made this battle personal and competitive . very debateable but I had danja 2-1 . crazy battle.

15. Geechi Gotti vs Glueasy (URL)

Rising stars geechi and glu went head to head in this match up to prove who was the one to watch. They both came prepared to battle and this was a war. I edged it slightly to Geechi 2-1 but this was very close.

14. Reepah Rell vs The Joker (SYIGU)

This match was perfect for Halloween as these two masked battlers faced off in this hilarious and entertaining match. The Joker even had help from the Riddler lol It was Crazy. Grown Man bars vs Dead Beat Dad Bars ..

13. Jakkboy Maine vs Young Kannon (URL)

Jakkboy has gained a lot of fans and haters over this year as the brash voice of the Goonies . He went up against a focused YK for this battle that people said was a body but the cam said otherwise. It was closer than a lot of people think.

12.Th3 Saga vs Tink tha Demon (URL)
This was the Body of the Year as Saga tore Tink up all three rounds to the point Tink even threw up on stage lol This battle was the point where Saga parted ways with NWX and Tink got locked up (Free Tink)

11.NJ Twork vs ILL Will (URL)

NJT proved he is one of the best up and coming battle rappers as he out classed the vetran ILL Will. They both were spazzing but Twork came with a little more in his second and third rounds taking this battle.

10. Jerry Wess vs Bedafi Green (WEGOHARD)

This is the most slept on battle this year. They were both going crazy against each other in this match up. Most Defiantly a match you have to see. It has that old school feel to it.

9. K shine vs Hitman Holla (URL)

This match had so much controversy around it, many people didn’t think it would go down. Both Mc’s showed why they are two of the best in the game. I had HH 2-1.

8. Mack Mel vs R Streets (URLPG)

These guys showed and proved in this battle. R streets won the first two rounds clearly but Mack Mel came with one of the best rounds of the year in his third earning a spot on The Goonies Squad after this battle came out.

7. Joe vs Franchise / Holmzie vs Moon (URLPG)

This was a toss up for me . These two battles had so much energy and the mc’s showed why they belong in this new class. I cant wait to see more from this mc’s.

6. Daylyt vs Bangz (WEGOHARD)

These two are known for theyre entertaining styles so this was a great match up. Daylyt didn’t disappoint and was much more prepared. Bangz was in rare form with hardcore rebuttals representing on his home league.

5. O Red vs K shine (U DUBB)

This easy was the upset of the Year as O Red came with some fire rounds especially his third round as he dressed as a therapist and broke k shine style down. Something nobody expected. Between him beat shine, bigg k and show off , O Red is my vote for Battler of the Year.

4. JC vs Chef Trez (URL)

The king of the three of them thangs rebuttals: Chef Trez went up against JC who was coming back to URL to show why he is one of the best Battle Rappers right now. This battle was close all three rounds but JC showed why he is just on another level edgeing each round. After this battle , there were talks about him going against Loaded Lux.

3. Aye Verb vs B Dot (KOTD)
This was a classic as the new king on the block, B Dot went head up with the legend Aye Verb. Both Mc’s angles and rounds were super sharp making this battle debateable. I had aye verb taking the first two rounds.

2. Arsonal vs Loaded Lux (U Dubb)

Two classic legends go up against each other in this battle. It was a honor to see these two battle in what was Arsonal Retiring match. Lux who hasn’t battled in a while showed why he is still one of the greatest with a cold first round. But Arsonal staying true to form was disrespectful to the end gaining the 2-1 advantage. This battle will go down in the record books .


The best battle of the year goes to these two as it lived up to the hype. Hollow who hasn’t battled on URL in a long time really came ready with rebuttals and punchlines but Tay Roc spazzed in his first two rounds making the crowd go crazy especially with the seat belt haymaker. Hollows third took a different approach as he broke it down to talk about life and how its more than just battle rap. This battle is so debatable I still cant call it.

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Preview YouTube video CHEF TREZ VS PREP SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video BIG KANNON VS DANJA ZONE RAP BATTLE - RBE Preview YouTube video GEECHI GOTTI VS GLUEAZY SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video REEPAH RELL VS JOKER SYIGU HH2K17 Preview YouTube video YOUNG KANNON VS JAKKBOY MAINE SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video TH3 SAGA VS TINK DA DEMON SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video ILL WILL VS NU JERZY TWORK SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video JERRY WESS |X| BEDAFFI GREEN / WEGOHARDTV Preview YouTube video HITMAN HOLLA VS K-SHINE SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video MACK MEL VS R STREETZ SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video MOON VS HOLMZIE DA GOD SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video JOE VS FRANCHISE SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video DAYLYT x BANGZ | RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video O RED VS K SHINE | UDubb's Alpha N Omega Rap Battle Preview YouTube video JC VS CHEF TREZ SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE Preview YouTube video KOTD - Aye Verb vs B Dot | #WD7 Preview YouTube video Loaded Lux vs Arsonal | UDubb's Alpha N Omega Rap Battle Preview YouTube video HOLLOW DA DON VS TAY ROC SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE

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