Hip-Hop Rumors

Lil reese once uploaded a pic of him holding a g unit chain was reportedly stolen in Chicago, months before he blew up

J Dupri's dad had a high position at Capitol Records once upon a time. Kanye famously once pitched himself there trying to get signed

Kanye who had his first production credit on a Dupri album, sh*t talked Dupri's production skills to his dad, not knowing it was his dad

Reportedly one of the reasons Capitol didn't sign him

Camron used to have IBS earlier in his career. He has a song titled that on Kila Season. He also had an ulcer in his stomach in the SDE era.

Because of the ulcer he had to give up drinking. He's chubby in Paid In Full but in the Purple Haze era, he's way skinnier in the face.

Doctors always used to give Camron the runaround about his IBS. Once, he pulled a gun out on a doctor and demanded a proper diagnosis

Eric B was a certified goon. Had a very notorious reputation. Anyone with a brain could guess that if they've properly studied his demeanor

The sh*t with Rakim was supposedly his front/side sh*t

Freddie Foxx once publicly stated how he hated how rappers were overusing the "what what" adlib. Noreaga got offended, sent subliminals

Foxxx stepped to Noreaga and basically asked him "what the fu*k you gonna do about it". Noreaga backed off

Foxx is a certified goon too. Never brags about it. Once put a gun to Birdman's head and forced him to apologize to one of his friends

Ghostface, Killa Sin and RZA used to chase 50 Cent around NY. Reportedly had him shook on multiple occasions. Pre Aftermath days

Suge Knight once showed up to "The Wash" movie shoot to confront Dre once. Everyone bi*ched out except Eminem, who had to be held back

Because we all know Suge would have annihilated Eminem. He even speaks on it on "Like Toy Soldiers"

Ghostface Killah was wanted for armed robbery around 1992. That's why he wore a mask up until Only Built 4 Cuban Linx came out

Q Tip is wears a mask in the "Hot Sex" video. his face was bruised from getting his ass beat from one of the Wreckx N Effect members

Trick Trick once mopped the floor with Styles P at a club in Detroit. Said he was cool with Jadakiss, but "fu*k Styles P and his parents"

Trick Trick once had 2 Chainz robbed, and once had Trick Daddy and his crew jumped on stage on camera

Nas' losing streak goes back to the early 90s. Used to get made fun of cause he was in love with a crackhead, why he eventually dropped out

Kanye ghost produced many 1997-2000 Bad Boy Records-esque records that producers such as Trackmasters, D Dot and Buckwild got credit for

Mase got ran out of NY because he fu*ked some big time drug dealer's girl. The pastor sh*t was fake. Came back to NY when dude got killed

Eminem wasn't the toughest dude but those D12 ****** were nuts. They almost paralyzed Esham for dissing Em in a song

Master P is banned from the Bay. He got started out there, and didn't give back to them ****** when he blew up

Suge Knight hired a bi*ch with AIDS to seduce Eazy E. Was never confirmed but that's a very Suge Knight thing to do

Noreaga got so sensitive when Nas called his music trash. Vaguely remember word of him throwing a flower pot at him in the club

Bizzy Bone was kidnapped and raped when he was a kid. It was on America's Most Wanted

LayZie Bone and Wish Bone (I think) made fun of him for it once and that's one of the the reasons the group subtlety disbanded

Hommo is the guy that shot 50 Cent. He was Mike Tyson's best friend. That's him all the way to the right visit this link http://t.co/dkWofg07LA

He was eventually killed weeks after his hit on 50 failed. Him and Maino are also cousins if I'm not mistaken

Haitian Jack and Jimmy Henchmen set Pac up for a rape charge that he didn't do since Pac refused to join Bad Boy

Pac got wind of it, got upset, publicly spoke out against Jack and Henchmen, then they set him up to get shot in retaliation

Haitian Jack once took a $10000 watch from Diddy in front of a crowd of people and Diddy didn't do sh*t about it

Revolutionists love making NWA out to be the first gangster rappers. Truth be told, they were legendary, but were really studio gangsters

South Central Cartel, Above The Law, X Raided, Brotha Lynch Hung, Bg Knocc Out, Tray Deee, Goldie Loc, those were the real gangsters

Master P paid for 50 Cent's first tour

It's common knowledge what 50 put Young Buck through, but ****** don't really know how much he fu*ked Buck over. It's kind of psychotic

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