Four-year-old Texas boy is crushed to death by a treehouse on Christmas Eve


CLEVELAND, Texas - A 4-year-old boy from Cleveland has died after a freak accident involving a treehouse.

"You almost can't encapsulate it into words," said Rex Evans, chief of the Cleveland ISD Police Department.

He's a family spokesperson and said he's been battling alongside Kade Contreras' family. He's known the family for years.

"It's so difficult to watch and to be a part of -- to see beautiful people literally on their knees begging for anything. It's very tough," Evans said. "As a parent, it's the worst nightmare you could possibly imagine or as a grandparent. I mean, that's your baby."

Kade was playing in the backyard of a relative's house on Christmas Eve when a treehouse came crashing down. At this point, it appears to be just a horrible accident.

"For it be Christmas Eve, your family is together trying to enjoy the holiday, and to have such a tragedy occur," Evans said. "They're just asking for your prayers and your thoughts. This is just a tragedy that they're having to go through."

After the treehouse fell on Kade that night, paramedics rushed him to Kingwood Hospital. Later he was airlifted to the medical center.

"It is Christmas, so when you're in the waiting room or inside the hospital and see the Christmas decorations but you know what's going on and how tragic it is, it's very hard. It makes everything surreal," Evans said.

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