Long Island man busted for sexually abusing two horses


A Long Island man has been arrested for having sexual contact with two horses, cops said Thursday.

Steven Errante was busted Wednesday after cops determined he allegedly had inappropriate contact with the horses on Aug. 25 and Sept. 4 at a stable in his home town of Dix Hills.

In 2013, Errante, 30, was arrested for beating his Labrador mix named Chantel Girl with a bat.

The dog suffered skull and facial fractures and broken front legs. She had to be euthanized.

In addition to beating the dog, Errante also broke his own father’s ribs with a baton in 2013, according to authorities.

He was ordered to add his name to Suffolk County’s Animal Abuse Offender Registry.

He failed to do so and cops opened an investigation. During the probe, they uncovered the alleged sexual abuse of the horses.

Errante is charged with two counts of sexual misconduct with animals and failure to register as an animal abuse offender.

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