Escaped inmates walk back to jail after smoking pot, visiting girlfriends


Two men behind bars at an Oklahoma jail on drug charges briefly escaped to tend to affairs of the heart and “smoke weed,” police said.

Inmates Harley Davidson and Rakeem Lennox around 10 p.m. waited for jail staff to leave the area around their room before sneaking off and stealing the key to the laundry room, according to a statement from Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park.

They managed to leave the facility and spent their brief moments of freedom visiting their girlfriends.

About two hours after their escape, the trusties walked back to the Choctaw County Jail.

“They weren’t quite trusties to be trusted,” Park told News OK.

The pair was placed on immediate lockdown upon their return and they may face additional charges in connection with their escape.

Both Lennox and Davidson were in jail for drug possession.


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