Cops escort 4-yr-old son of fallen cop Mark Rivera to his first day of pre-school


These cops are a class act.

A contingent of NYPD police officers escorted the son of a fallen cop to pre-school Thursday, giving him the courage to take the big step without his beloved father by his side.

Cops lined up outside of Officer Mark Rivera’s W. 24th St. home in Chelsea to applaud his 4-year-old son Lincoln, who was just a toddler when his father died of a heart attack.

The officers then then took teary-eyed Lincoln — who took turns walking and being carried by his mother Abigail Rivera as he battled first-day-of-school jitters — on a two-block walk to nearby P.S. 33 for his first day of class.

Abigail Rivera asked cops who knew her husband to join her on this brief — but important — journey.

"I just want to make sure that my son always remembers who his dad was, even though he was so young when he passed away,” she said. “Just getting to do this walk for him really makes me always know that he's always going to know that his dad was a hero.”

Officer Rivera, 37, had only been a cop for three years when he died of a heart attack while off duty on March 21, 2015. Lincoln was just 2 at the time, his widow said.

"He doesn't remember his dad at all, but all of these men and women make him remember who his dad was,” she said. “Every step of this walk helps me to help him remember who his dad was.”

As a thank you, Rivera passed out small ceremonial badges to some officers.

Lincoln got one as well — for being brave — before he joined classmates and other parents in the school yard.

Capt. Robert O’Hare, commanding officer of the 6th Precinct, was more than happy to accommodate Rivera’s request.

“It just wasn't right for him to go to school on his first day without somebody to escort them besides his mom,” O’Hare said. “So we brought our whole family here.”

“We like to take care of our own,” he said. “Hopefully we made a special day for him and something that he'll be able to look back on with photographs and video and see that we don't forget about him. He's going to be with us forever."

On Tuesday, cops from the 47th Precinct traveled to Suffolk County to escort fallen Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo’s son Austin for his first day of kindergarten.

Tuozzolo, 41, was killed on Nov. 4 by ex-con Manuel Rosales, who had earlier taken his own estranged wife and child hostage.

The career criminal was ultimately shot and killed by an NYPD rookie during a gun battle with cops.


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