This week in Battle Rap....

This Week In Battle Rap

Show of Power….
Sorry for the delay but Battle rap was a little dry. Not a lot of battles came out last couple weeks and the ones that did wasn’t that good to be honest. Controversy was at its peak in battle rap with a couple big names in the culture. T Rex, one of the members of DotMob made a diss track at one of the founders Murda Mook . This had everybody wondering is this the end of they"re classic friendship. Also some harsh words and even a altercation escalated between Rain of NWX and Hitman Holla after Hitman and Aye Verb Double impact 2 match against T Top and Brizz Rawsteen. The particulars are still cloudy in that event but as yall can see its been a hectic couple days in battle rap. Battle Rap bounced back this week with a assault of crazy battles that debuted.
First SYiGU battle league out of South Jersey came out with a battle from there Torture Chamber event Jailhouse Leggz vs Tig Leggie. This One round Match in this small room feel battle was fire as both mc’s came with they’re best. They were both hungry and it showed that they was battling for respect. Jailhouse impressed me with some fire lines and Tig Leggie had a good presence.
Joker aka Funeralman, another representative of SYIGU battled Milwaukee’s Chris Kane in a three round match. Joker who came dressed as the Gotham villain came with very lyrical angles and wit while Chris Kane was straight up raw with Punchlines. Joker switched it up in the third his best round as he came a little more serious. This was an entertaining match up.
Kotd came out with two battles that had the culture talking. Shotti P vs Swave Sevah was a battle that had a old school feel about it. Shotti who came with punches and smart schemes showed he can hang with a vet like Swave. This was a good test for Shotti P as he has a hard match against Shotgun Suge coming on Mass 3 later this month.
Loso vs Jimz was a interesting battle as Loso the Bullpen star and Christian rapper took on Jimz the Crazy Blogger and “Stop being Dirty” Artist . This battle was like good vs evil. Loso stuck to his Christian angles and wordplay. Jimz try to break loso down with evil and sadistic bars that really took form of disrespect if you are a Christian. This is a preference battle and a true war of words.
QOTR released C3 vs Shooney the Rapper last week and this was a good battle. Both ladies came with they best. C3 who went first showed why she been missed recently as a crowd favorite. Shooney came back harder every round as she possessed some ill lyrics and crazy set ups. This set the stage for her two on two with Phara Funeral vs Loso and Street Hymns that also came out this week. That battle was a true Chival War as it showcased QOTR vs BullPen. Both teams entertained the crowd with insults and crazy angles that had the crowd going crazy.
Reepah Rell vs Real Deal from URL’s Ascension event was a fire battle between two mc’s that had a chip on they shoulder. Real Deal, New Member of Dot Mob showed he can still get at the best of url’s battlers. He had some ill punchlines and good set ups but Reepah Rell’s hungry and aggressive flow was a little too much for Real in the first 2 rounds but in the third it looked like he lost steam and forgot his lines. Good overall battle nevertheless.
The Battle of the week was easily Tay Roc vs Chess. Two of URL’s Gunnas went at it in this very debatable battle. Close to Classic level, Chess First Round had Tay Roc on the ropes. Tay Roc bounced back in the second round with a solid round with all crazy disrespectful lines that would body most Mc’s. The Third round is where it gets the debates going. So watch this one on Battlebox on FB  and let me know what yall think.

Reepah Rell vs Real Deal https://youtu.be/1ktK6IMj_pk
Shotti P vs Swave Sevah https://youtu.be/chHBfdidIFU
C3 vs Shooney the Rapper https://youtu.be/438gTN1StdE
Loso & Street Hymns vs Phara Funeral & Shooney The Rapperhttps://youtu.be/9iBsA0xCicA
Joker vs Chris Kane https://youtu.be/wn4At-ABejI
JailHouse Leggz vs Tig Leggie https://youtu.be/-YC_HaOoxHk
Battle of the week
Chess vs Tay Roc https://youtu.be/s71Y7sNb3cg


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