BK Heroin Ring Busted After Stunting For The Pork On IG

imageSix Brooklyn men were charged Wednesday for allegedly dealing $900,000 worth of heroin and using guns to protect their Brooklyn- and Queens-based ring that had connections to the Mexican cartel, officials said.

The feds seized 12 kilos (26 pounds) of heroin and four luxury vehicles from the group that flaunted their cars and multi-thousand-dollar jewelry on social media that they allegedly bought with their ill-gotten gains, the U.S. attorney announced.image

One of the men charged in the indictment, was wearing his multi-thousand-dollar necklace. He also allegedly bought a 256-gram gold bracelet. He also allegedly bought a 256-gram gold bracelet.

The group allegedly transported their heroin from Los Angeles and Chicago and had direct meetings with the Mexican cartel.

One of the men relied on the Bushwick street gang, Young Gunnerz, to provide protection for the deals, according to a U.S. attorney statement.

“As charged, the defendants are members of a multi-million-dollar heroin trafficking organization with access to firearms and ties to other states and a Mexican cartel,” acting U.S. Attorney Bridget Rohde said in the statement.

Victor Agosto, Perfecto Deleon, Luis Lopez, Andres Reyes, Nestor Rivera and Peter Vasquez were all charged in the two-count indictment.

Lopez allegedly celebrated Christmas with a $20,000 watch and celebrated a birthday with a 256-gram (half pound) piece of gold jewelry and shiny diamond ring, which were boasted on social media.image

One man allegedly carted his infant child around in a $3,000 baby stroller and threw Gucci sneakers worth hundreds of dollars on his 8-year-old child.

Of the luxury vehicles seized by the feds, a Rolls Royce Ghost and Lamborghini Huracan were part of the lot.


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