Cops find sharp-toothed caiman as they raid Brooklyn apartment for drugs


At least they didn’t flush it down the toilet.

Cops recovered a sharp-toothed caiman — a small cousin of the crocodile — during a drug raid on a Brooklyn apartment, officials said Thursday.

The creature was found inside a tank in the living room of the apartment on E. 21st St. near Woodruff Ave. in Flatbush during the 6:20 a.m. Wednesday raid.

Cops targeted the apartment following a number of undercover narcotics buys there, officials said.

When they went inside, they found the caiman along with a loaded .380-caliber handgun and crack cocaine.

Caimans can grow to about six feet in length but the one discovered Wednesday appeared to be only about a foot long.

Habakkuk Tracey, who lives in the apartment, was charged with drug and weapons possession - and for violating the health code by keeping a wild animal in his home, officials said. His arraignment was pending Thursday.

Cops handed over the caiman to Animal Care Centers, officials said.


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