NYC Man Indicted For Threatening To Lynch 2 Black People & Have Mafia Chop Them Up


Ian Rubin (shown in online plea for money tied to 9/11) is accused of threatening to kill two black people in February hate crimes in Brooklyn.

A white man was indicted on hate crime charges for threatening to have two black people rubbed out by the Mafia, the Daily News has learned.

Suspect Ian Rubin left New York after his fiancée died in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks in 2001 and eventually settled in Florida, he wrote on a fund-raising website in 2014.

While in the Sunshine State, Rubin’s criminal record, which included a second-degree assault charge, began to pile up before he trekked back to Brooklyn, according to Assistant District Attorney India Sneed.

On Feb. 19 and 20, Rubin allegedly “threatened two people with a knife, saying he’s going to kill a n----r tonight,” Sneed said in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday.

“I did time in the penitentiary, you are going to die today,” Rubin allegedly said to one of the men at 230 Duffield St., according to the criminal complaint.

Rubin allegedly told detectives that the “heroin addicts on the fifth floor are plotting against” him, according to the newly released statements.

He then gloated that he was once “a hitman for the Mafia and that the Mafia likes to kill and lynch n-----s, and (Rubin) would have the Mafia chop up (the victims),” according to court documents.

Rubin allegedly threatened to kill one of the men. telling himn "you are going to die today," at 230 Duffield St. in Brooklyn.

Rubin wasn’t armed when he was arrested on Feb. 21.

Rubin’s attorney George Cooke pleaded not guilty on Rubin’s behalf and requested that Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun lower his $2,500 cash bail, since he was only indicted on misdemeanor charges.

“There’s no changes in circumstances, and this is a very serious misdemeanor,” said Sneed, who urged the judge not to lower the bail.

Chun declined Cooke’s request, and Rubin will remain on Rikers Island at least until his next court date on May 3. If convicted, Rubin faces up to a year in jail.

A month later, virulent racist and accused terrorist James Jackson took a bus from Baltimore to New York on a mission to kill black men. Jackson, 28, plunged a sword into 66-year-old Timothy Caughman on W. 36th St. and Ninth Ave. on March 20, police said.

Black woman's porch doused with gas in in Pennsylvania hate crime

If convicted, Jackson faces life without parole for the terror charges.


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