Legendary Mafia Goon Depicted In Goodfellas Arrested With Gotti's Grandson


John Gotti's grandson, Lufthansa heist suspect busted - NY Daily News

A Queens road rage incident paired an infamous Bonanno family capo with the grandson of late mob boss John Gotti as partners in fiery payback, officials said Wednesday.

Mafia veteran Vincent Asaro, 81, acquitted just 16 months ago in the legendary 1978 Lufthansa heist, was charged along with John Gotti, 23, for torching the car of a driver who cut off the elder mobster.

Gotti, the namesake grandson of the former Gambino family boss, was also charged with two Bonanno associates in a holdup at a Queens bank, according to new federal indictments.

Gotti was already behind bars on drug dealing charges after his sentencing less than three weeks ago in a plea bargain deal. Asaro was arrested once again Wednesday.

The April 4, 2012, arson came after Asaro became enraged when he was cut off at a red light in Howard Beach, authorities said. The mobster tracked down the car owner and assigned a Bonanno associate to set the vehicle on fire.

John Gotti, grandson of the late mob boss of the same name, faces new charges along with a Bonanno capo.

The associate recruited Gotti and a third man to help out, with the Mafia scion driving the getaway car: His Jaguar sedan, officials said.

A speeding Gotti outran an unmarked police car that happened upon the arson, avoiding arrest in the case for almost five years. Asaro, like Gotti, lives in the Queens neighborhood of Howard Beach.

Gotti also faces charges in an April 18, 2012, Queens bank robbery that netted $5,491, authorities said.

Five other mob associates were named in the newly unsealed Brooklyn Federal Court indictments, with the quintet taken into custody Wednesday, according to authorities.

Arraignments were expected Wednesday afternoon on two indictments issued in the cases. All the defendants are looking at a potential jail term of 20 years.

According to the indictment, Gotti and co-defendants Matthew (Fat Matt) Rullan and Michael Guidici conspired on the holdup at the Maspeth Savings and Loan Association.

“I have a bomb,” read the note Guidici handed to the teller in the robbery.

Rullan was charged as the person who ignited the gasoline splashed on the vehicle by a third man.

Asaro was acquitted in November 2015 of the $6 million robbery despite his incriminating statements on recordings made by his turncoat cousin Gaspare Valenti.

One tape caught Asaro griping that he was stiffed of his share of the cash by mobster Jimmy (The Gent) Burke.

“What we was supposed to get, we got f---ed all around,” Asaro complained to his cousin in February 2011. “Got f---ed all around. That f---ing Jimmy (Burke) kept everything.”

The longtime mobster, who admitted that he was stunned by the Brooklyn Federal Court acquittal, barely had a chance to enjoy his freedom before the other shoe dropped with the new indictment.

Gotti was arrested again shortly after a Queens judge banged him with the eight-year sentence for peddling oxycodone pills for $30 a pop in his Howard Beach neighborhood.

The grandson of the “Dapper Don” was arrested twice the summer before, and his attorney said Gotti was battling a drug addiction problem.


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