Hatian Jack Implies Jimmy Henchman is a Rat and Blames Him For 2pac Shooting

imageHaitian Jack: He is who I thought he was.

And what did you think he was?

Haitian Jack: A b*tch. Me and him got some issues and I’m going to give it to him in time.

Speaking of the infamous Quad Studios shooting, why do you think the streets always thought you had a hand in that?

Haitian Jack: I couldn’t tell you right now, I don’t want to give you too much but it will all come out later. But whenever it comes to Pac it feels like I’m blamed. But I know who’s behind it and we’ll get into that one-day. But the person that’s behind it is serving life right now.

Haitian Jack: I spoke to Pac a week before he got shot [at Quad Studios]. After he got shot we didn’t talk anymore because he felt like it was my friends that did [it], I knew about it and I had something to do with it

Haitian Jack: Yes and I have everything I need on everyone and I’m going to call out everyone by their names, the roles they played, what I think about them and what I would love to do them but I haven’t gotten the chance to get that close and personal.


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