Horrible – Pack Of Wild Dogs KILL FOUR In Park Including ONE-YEAR-OLD BOY

wilds dogs killed four adults in park

A pack of wild dogs attacked and killed four people.
A pack of wild dogs mauled and killed four people whose bodies have been discovered over the past two weeks in a park on the edge of Mexico City.

Neighbors surrounding the highly wooded area first found the bodies of a 26-year-old woman and a 1-year-old child in the park on Dec. 29.
According to Daily Mail, the woman, Shunashi Mendoza, was missing her left arm, and both she and the boy had bled to death and been partially eaten.
On Friday, visitors at the same park found the bodies of a teenage couple who had also bled to death.
Prosecutors say at least 100 police officers are searching the area and have trapped 25 dogs.
Authorities have warned against visiting the park.


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