Horrible – New Pictures Show BULLET WOUNDS Inside Dead Beached Dolphins – Prove HUMANS Are To Blame

dolphin bulet wounds dead
For years butchered corpses of the species have been washing up – and now we know the deaths are anything but natural.

The final straw was this Tuesday when yet another dolphin was scooped up in the Gulf of Mexico with bullet wounds to the blow hole, leading Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” star Paul Watson to offer $20,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the animal slayers.

Interaction between humans and dolphins – especially the feeding of the animals – have led dolphins to adapt to human presence.

As the dolphins become more comfortable around people, they continue their normal behavior such as hunting prey – the same fish that fisherman are after.

In order to secure stock and prevent dolphin interference, some fisherman have taken to torturing the dolphins.

Other dolphins in the Gulf Coast have been found with bullet wounds, screwdriver stabbings, cut off fins and tails, and torn off jaws, NOLA reported.

If found, these “dolphin serial killers” could spend a year in jail and pay over $100,000 in fines


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