Uncle RAPED His 13-Year-Old Niece While Girl’s Father WATCHED

Dustin Kent  brittney wood missing teen raped by uncle
A depraved family have been accused of yet another devastating crime.

Dustin Alton Kent, of Alabama, has been accused of raping his then 13-year-old niece, while her father looked on.

Police allege that in the 2008 incident, the young girl was taken by her father, under the guise of a trip to the pet store, to a dark back road where he allowed his brother to kiss and rape her.

The girl, now 17, finally came forward with her story after her father committed suicide.

Sgt. Scott Congleton, as reported in The Daily News, testified that the witness was “very credible” in her explanation of the events.

There have been allegations that the father of the girl, Donnie Holland, may have also been involved in the May disappearance of his 19-year-old niece Brittney Wood.

Wood, a mother of one, went missing after telling family she was going to visit her uncle.

Holland killed himself with what was later revealed to be Brittney’s gun two days later.

Five members of the family have since been arrested on a variety of child abuse and endangerment charges.

District Attorney Nick Patterson told The News that, “”From the evidence I have seen, this is sort of a collection of pedophiles.”


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