Jenna Shea Puts Kelly Devine On Blast Saying She fu-ked Fab And Had A Std


Internet vixen Jenna Shea didn’t pull any punches during her verbal assault on porn star Kelly Divine, igniting a full blown feud over Twitter between the two X-rated adult stars that were once friends.

“[Expletive] always got my name in her mouth... sucking raw [expletive] you nasty [expletive],” tweeted Shea. “Taking [expletive] up your [expletive] does not make you a celeb.”

Ouch… and that was just the beginning.

“I’m just getting started, I’m the queen of this,” continued Shea. “This nasty [expletive] porn [expletive] don’t have one [expletive] friend. Nasty face having [expletive]. [Expletive] got a boyfriend... free [expletive]. Nasty [expletive] Kelly Divine [had sex with] Fabolous when having a boyfriend lol without being paid. How are you a porn star with no car tho? With no car and catching Chlamydia? But you ‘ballin’?”

Ewww, really?

Shea goes on to say Kelly Divine is “bi polar”, is breaching her porn contract by being an escort, talks about the “whole porn industry”, and admitted to doing “coke” with other porn stars months ago. In an effort to further destroy Divine’s career, Shea reveals Divine’s government name: “Linda Dempsey”.

And she was still not finished.

“[Expletive] but best believe I aint done [expletive]! I’m on my campaign… full on destruction. So sad but I will put the truth [out],” ended Shea.

It seems like the gloves are off and the claws are flying.

What was Kelly Divine’s reaction to Shea’s rant?

“She’s not a star, just a bored hooker," responded Divine. “I guess she’s banking on never bumping into me again.”


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