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Taxstone and Hot 97 morning show host Ebro Darden have been embroiled in a battle on social media for quite some time now. The two have exchanged heated words over the state of NY radio; Tax blaming Ebro who as program director of Hot 97, he believes did not support NY artists, that was until they got cosigns from major players in the game. The spat between the two has grown immensely. Today (May 5), Taxstone revealed exclusively to DJ Vlad that he has been suspended from MTV's show "Uncommon Sense," where he is a recurring guest because of an e-mail sent to Viacom by Ebro.

While it's not clear what the actual start of the conflict between the two is, it reached higher stakes when Tax took it upon himself to direct insults at Darden's girlfriend/mother of his child, having called her a "lesbian" and saying she "hated" Ebro because he is a "coward."

"He's really not too young": Nia Long responds to J. Cole lyrics | Larry...

Young Lito speaks on 50 Cent's Street Credibility




Thief tries to hide python in his pants


A Florida man is facing theft charges after authorities say he tried to steal a snake from a pet store by putting it in his pants.

Surveillance video shows the suspect reach into the snake enclosure, pull out a baby python and put it in the left front pocket of his pants.

Store owner Steve Silk says the man has been in at least twice before, and has targeted the store's high end snakes.

Bernie has been in the thick of things for years...


Rap Grid 2016 Cypher - Cortez, Bishop, Dirtbag Dan, Bonnie Godiva, Pass, Alias, Iron Solomon & Rone

Rap Grid 2016 Cypher - Cortez, Bishop, Dirtbag Dan, Bonnie Godiva, Pass, Alias, Iron Solomon & Rone

Ohio Police: "Stop Calling Drug Dealer’s Phone, We’re Trying To Search It"


ALLIANCE, OH (WCMH) – Police in Alliance would like prospective drug purchasers to stop calling a suspected drug dealer’s phone so that they can search the device without being interrupted.

Police arrested Steve Notman Tuesday night after they say he was seen on video selling methamphetamine.

Police are trying to search through texts and contacts, but they say that the constant stream of calls and texts is
“really annoying.”
In a very tongue-in-cheek Facebook post, police said, “First of all, he is all out of drugs for tonight. Secondly you don’t need to call – we will come to you soon enough.”
Police also say Notman’s ringtone is terrible.

Motorcyclists crash while taunting sheriff’s deputy

TANEY COUNTY, MO (WCMH) — Sometimes, karma does come back to bite you as some stunt motorcyclists found out while they were taunting a Missouri deputy.

According to KMOV, the video shows a group of bikers are seen driving down the highway, performing tricks and driving recklessly.

Then the group comes across a Taney County Deputy’s vehicle.


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