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Teacher Scandal

 Little Rock, Arkansas, a married substitute teacher identified as Erica Suskie has been arrested. Police say that she had a physical relationship with a male student who is under the age of consent. At the time of the alleged attack, she was his tutor.

(See pictures of this disgraced teacher in the album above!)

Prior to these allegations, Erica Suskie was a sub at Catholic High School. This alleged crime is believed to have taken place in her home back during a six-month stretch in 2015 beginning in April.

Investigators have been looking into this case for a long while. In fact, they received their first tip all the way back in October. Since then, she hasn’t worked as a substitute or a tutor. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more about this case.

US Army soldiers accused of executing 16-year-old Texas boy — and laughing

Two U.S. Army soldiers have been arrested and charged with the killing of a 16-year-old boy, according to the El Paso Times.

Tyler Shane Hall, 20, and Eric Duvall, 25, were arrested this week after the boy’s body was found on Sunday. The men are accused of killing the teen, Michael Anthony Tapia, over a drug theft then boasting about it later, the Times reports.

The killing was a retaliation for drugs that were stolen from Hall. A witness told authorities he believed Tapia had stolen them. The two men confronted the boy at a home, where Tapia told them he would pay them for the drugs, a witness told police. The men responded, “We’ll fix this right now,” then forced him to leave with them.

When they returned about an hour and a half later, Tapia was not with them.

The witness says Hall was laughing afterward and said he had murdered the boy with an “AR rifle” and shot him in the head twice. Tapia died from a single gunshot wound to the back of his neck, according to an autopsy report.

According to KFOX14, Hall was carrying a green and black AR-15 when he returned.

“I shot him in the head,” Hall allegedly said, according to a witness. “I did a double tap on his head.”

Both soldiers are on active duty and stationed at Fort Bliss. Both men are being held in El Paso County on $1 million bond.

“To the murderers that took my sons life, I pray mercy on you now,” Tapia’s grieving mother, Johanna Ochoterena posted on Facebook. “God is a good God. My son is with our Lord now, and I know he is ok and home. Justice will be served!”

10 year old raped at public pool.

The attack occurred on December 22, when the boy was dragged into the change rooms by the twenty-year-old migrant at the swimming pool in Vienna, Breitbart reports.

According to local news site Kronen Zeitung, the boy screamed for somebody to help but nobody heard him.

Afterwards, the young boy confided in a lifeguard about what had happened, while the Iraqi man continued to swim at the pool, diving off the three-metre board.

Police arrested the man at the scene and the boy was taken to hospital with severe internal injuries. The attacker told the police the rape was more or less out of frustration, dubbing it a “sexual emergency”.

Kronen Zeitung reported the man said he had not had sex for four months and had an excess of sexual energy. He admitted it was a huge mistake and knew it would scar the boy.

Police asked the man if it was against the law to have sex with ten-year-old boys in Iraq. “Such a thing is forbidden in any country of the world,” he said.

The man claimed to have sex with women but had not been intimate with his wife since the birth of their daughter, and she still lived in Iraq.

Police said the man entered Austria in September via the Balkans.

Chicago Murder

The six people bludgeoned and stabbed inside a Chicago home have been identified as family members and police believe they were killed in a "targeted incident."

Chicago cops say there was no sign of forced entry at the Gage Park home and that all the doors were locked when they arrived to the gruesome scene Thursday.

They had not officially identified any of the two women, two men and two boys aged 13 and 10, whose deaths mark Chicago’s most violent incident since 2003.


The six deceased family members have been identified as Rosaura Hernandez and Noe Martinez, in their 60s; their son, Noe Martinez, Jr., in his 40s; Maria Herminia Martinez, in her 30s; and her two sons, Alexis and Leonardo, ages 10 and 13, according to the Chicago Tribune.

All members died of sharp-force or blunt-force injuries except for the middle-aged woman who died of gunshot wounds, according to the medical examiner's office.

A friend of the Martinez family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money.Handout
A friend of the Martinez family set up a GoFundMe page to raise money.

A friend of the family has started a GoFundMe page, seeking to raise $11,000, saying the tragedy has left "relatives and loved ones speechless and heartbroken as the household was nothing but a loving and gentle family."

Their bodies were found on Thursday afternoon after police went to the home when a coworker of Noe Martinez, Jr.--who worked as a window cleaner for United Airlines at Chicago’s O’Hare airport-- hadn’t shown up to work in two days.

Sources told DNAinfo that the victims were found on two different levels of the bungalow and that they had all suffered blunt force trauma.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said Friday that the violence could have been part of a robbery, domestic incident or that the family was targeted in some way.

The medical examiner ruled all of the deaths homicides, though investigators said they could not dismiss the possibility of a suicide by one of the victims. 

Authorities say it's the most gruesome murder since 2003.Charles Rex Arbogast/AP
Authorities say it's the most gruesome murder since 2003.

Authorities are still trying to determine a motive for the killings.

Neighbors say they were a happy, close family and didn’t appear to be troubled.

“Everything seemed to be normal, nothing was wrong. She was just tellin me things about her life and how she had been. She didn’t give me a story of nothing bad--everything was just normal,” Juan Martinez, a family member, told ABC News.

“They were a really happy family,” Jennifer de la Torre, a family friend, told the station.

http://m.nydailynews.com/ .. icle-1.2521429


Chinese nanny gets 20yrs for chopping up her employers with a chain saw

This file court sketch made on January 19, 2016 shows a Chinese couple, a nanny and her partner identified as Hui Zhang and her boyfriend Te Lu, both 34, accused of killing and dismembering the parents of a baby that had died in the babysitter's care, during their trial in Paris

A 34-year-old Chinese nanny has been handed a 20-year jail term by a Paris court after she admitted to murdering and chopping up her employers - the devastated parents of a two-month-old baby who died in her care.

Hui Zhang had claimed she acted in self-defence as Ying Wang and Liangsi Xui, the parents of the dead baby boy, allegedly attacked her and her boyfriend Te Lu with a butcher's knife.

"It's true, I killed them, and I will regret it for the rest of my life," Hui told the court, AFP reported.

The woman and her boyfriend, who was a co-defendant in the case but was later acquitted, had decided to offer the child's parents money in an attempt to silence them about the boy's death.

Hui and Te, who arrived in France in 2004, invited the couple to their home, but when the parents learned about their son's death, a fight erupted.

Chloe Arnoux, a lawyer for the family of the child's mother, said Hui "was not able to tell them to their faces that their child was dead, so she brought the baby's body into the sitting room," AFP reported. According to Arnoux, the defendants prepared for the meeting by equipping themselves with sharp weapons.

Te testified that he fell unconscious during the row and remained so, while Hui was busy chopping up the two bodies in the bathroom with an electric saw. He said Hui turned on the washing machine to hide the noise, wrapped the body parts in rubbish bags and cleaned her apartment. Te helped the woman get rid of the remains, transporting them "by foot or public transport" to the forest of Vincennes, east of Paris, according to police.

"I was sucked into a whirlwind of nightmares but I am innocent," Te told the court.

After the murders, Hui and Te closed their bank accounts in France and went to China, but came back to Paris shortly after. According to police, they fretted about facing the death penalty in China.

The shocking crime first came to light in June 2012 after two joggers came across a leg, cut off at the ankle, in Vincennes forest on the edge of Paris. Several days later, a guide dog discovered a human torso in the same area.

Before the bodies could be identified, Hui and Te turned themselves in, directing police to the locations of more body parts hidden in the forest.

The baby's body, which Hui claimed she had thrown in rubbish bins along with some of the other remains, was never found, however.

Hui allegedly told police the baby had died in his sleep, while the baby's grandfather reportedly informed them the nanny had given the child sleeping tablets.

Family horrified after porn played at father’s funeral instead of memorial video

 British family mourning the loss of a young father and his infant son were horrified when graphic porn was accidentally played instead of a memorial video at his funeral.

Hundreds of mourners had gathered Wednesday at Thornhill Crematorium in Cardiff, a port city in Wales, to say goodbye to 33-year-old Simon Lewis and his newborn boy, Simon Lewis Jr., after they were killed on New Year’s Eve in a head-on car crash.

The priest hit play on what was supposed to be a tribute to Lewis’ life, but instead “very loud” sexual moans from a hard-core porn video filled the church.

“I look at my congregation instead of the TV screen, but when I heard this noise and members of the congregation moving towards the screen, I realized something was wrong,” the Rev. Lionel Fanthrope told the Telegraph.

“Members of the family were very distressed and Simon’s father-in-law was desperately upset,” he added.

Church staff tried to shut off the sex tape, but had a lot of trouble.

“It took them nearly four minutes to turn it off,” a grieving friend told the Telegraph. “People couldn’t believe what they were seeing.”

The church is conducting an “urgent investigation” into its TV system, trying to determine what turned the solemn ceremony into a smutty scandal.



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