2 Million Guns Sold During March as Sales Skyrocket to Second Highest Level Ever


According to a new report from the New York Times, Americans bought nearly two million guns last month as the country slowly went into lockdown.

This was the second-highest sales numbers ever seen in the U.S. for firearms, surpassed only by the January after then U.S. President Barack Obama’s re-election, which was also when the Sandy Hook shooting occurred. And while more guns were sold in January 2013, the numbers are actually extremely close—with roughly two million guns sold during each time period.

The data used in the report from the Times was based on the number of background checks reported by the FBI, so it is likely that the actual numbers are even higher because background checks are not required in every state. The FBI has been tracking monthly gun sales in the U.S. since 1998.

Fears For NYC As Nearly 10,000 NYPD And FDNY Members Call Out Sick

imageAs the coronavirus takes hold around one in four FDNY are out sick as of Friday

3,000 emergency medical technicians, paramedics and firefighters called out

The number of 911 calls being placed is among the highest ever recorded

More than 400 members of the FDNY have tested positive for the coronavirus

At the NYPD one in six are calling out sick - around 6,500 members in total

There are more than 113,000 cases of the virus in New York with 3,500 deaths

The reduction in a police presence has led to an increase in businesses being burgled including supermarkets and eateries in particular.

Pastor Who Decried 'Hysteria' Dies After Attending Mardi Gras

Pastor Landon Spradlin wasn't worried about coronavirus when he went to New Orleans to preach during Mardi Gras. A month later he was dead.

"He loved to laugh. He loved to play guitar. He played guitar even when he wasn't supposed to," says Jesse Spradlin of her father, Landon.

"He was just the best man in the world."

One day when this is all over, the wife and five children of Pastor Landon Spradlin hope to hold a large celebratory memorial for him.

For now they have had to make do with a funeral at which there were just a handful in attendance, including the blues guitarist who played at the graveside.

A little over a month ago, Pastor Spradlin, who was 66, drove with his wife Jean the 900 miles (1500 km) from their home in Virginia to Louisiana for Mardi Gras.



Is it possible for a lone taquero in Whittier to do a better job at serving the community during a pandemic crisis than the local and federal governments combined?

According to Masataco’s customers who have recently grown to include the FBI, at least eight different police departments, and medical personnel, it is looking like it. But their excellent vegan tacos aren’t the only thing on this neighborhood taqueria’s menu these days. Like many other businesses, they have adapted to the times. But the owner and lead taquero stands out from the rest for the numbers of face masks he has been able to obtain and distribute to the masses.

Massachusetts Shoppers Tackle Man After Coughing, Spitting On Produce

KINGSTON, Mass — A group of Massachusetts shoppers tackled a man and pinned him to the ground until police arrived after catching him allegedly coughing and spitting on produce, fanning coronavirus fears.

Cell phone video shot from inside a Stop & Shop in Kingston on Saturday showed at least three men on top of the man as in the produce aisle.

“Don’t try and get up,” one of the shoppers tells the man pinned to the floor.

Voters Are Finally Starting to Notice the Trump Administration’s Pandemic Response

As the country was gripped by the coronavirus pandemic in March, President Donald Trump saw some of the best approval numbers of his presidency. Multiple polls showed that a small majority of Americans approved of his handling of the crisis, while his personal approval ratings ticked up slightly.

For a polarizing leader who’s personal approval has never cracked 50 percent, it looked like the national urge to trust a leader in times of crisis might just benefit the president eight months from the 2020 elections.

But as we enter April, those numbers have reversed course. Navigator Research, a progressive survey project operated by two Democratic polling firms, began a daily tracking poll two weeks ago to measure how the public viewed the crisis and Trump’s response to it.

"If I'm Going Down.. All Ya MF's Going Down" Girl Shows Proof She's Infected With Coronavirus.. But Walks Inside Wal-Mart Like Nothing!

Dirty: Scammers Use Fake Coronavirus Testing Site To Rip People Off For $240!

Top Doctor EXPOSES EVERYTHING The Deep State Is Trying To Hide About CV

Baltimore Man Murdered While Livestreaming Party

The 24-year-old man who was shot to death early Saturday in Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood was hosting a “game night” party and streaming on Facebook Live when his attacker scaled a fence, according to a review of the video and a woman who attended the party.

Ernest Wilson III was shot about 2:45 a.m. in the 1100 block of S. Charles St., police said.

On Facebook, dozens of people mourned Wilson’s death on the same page where he livestreamed multiple times as the party got underway and as more people arrived.

Using the name “Ernest from Geico,” Wilson was apparently livestreaming just before he was shot.

“Who the [expletive] is that? Get your dumb ass on the other side of the gate,” Wilson says. A man can be seen climbing the property’s fence.

“Get on the ground,” the man says after landing inside the gate. “Get on the ground.”

There is a commotion, and the video then cuts out.

Deem Monroe, 24, said she was at the party earlier in the evening. She said Wilson was her best friend.


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