DeSean Jackson: Eagles 'tried to blow me up' after release

DeSean Jackson said the Philadelphia Eagles "tried to blow me up" with a "smear campaign" after the wide receiver was released by the team in 2014.

Jackson, who is now with the Washington Redskins, revealed parts of his personal life and his football career during Tuesday's debut of his new BET reality show "DeSean Jackson Home Team." And whether or not he's still scarred by what happened at the end of his Eagles' career, it remains a topic in his life.

At age 20, NBA legend Karl Malone impregnated a 13 year old girl.


At age 20, NBA legend Karl Malone impregnated a 13 year old girl. He refused to acknowledge his son and only spoke to him once, saying it was too late for them to have a relationship. The child went on to play in the NFL.


The Chris Rock Show - Confederate Flag

Caitlyn Jenner


Man Facing Charges For Having Sex With Minor & Making 3 Girls Drink Blood


A Westmoreland County man is facing a string of charges after police said he had sex with an underage girl, told a witness to lie to police, and then cut the arms of several girls, licked their blood, and had them do the same to him.

Jonathan Ryan Davis, 21, of Vandergrift is facing charges that include statutory rape, witness intimidation, and corruption of minors.

Vandergrift Police Officer Joseph Gray told KDKA TV’s Ralph Iannotti “there were some ritualistic issues from the summer and fall of last year, some blood-letting…where victims (juveniles) cut their own wrists, and Davis would take their blood in his mouth and vice versa.”

Fistfights break out at South Carolina protests over Confederate flag

imageThe Confederate flag still flying over South Carolina’s state house has been the site of impassioned, continuing protests as calls to take it down have escalated. On Monday night, tensions flared into violence and rallies on both sides clashed in a brawl, the local CBS News station reports.

One man, Nicholas Thompson, 25, was arrested for disorderly conduct. Video from local station WIS shows him bringing his truck to a screeching halt, getting out and aggressively walking up to a group of anti-flag protesters. The group begins brawling, and shortly after, Thompson is taken into custody.

Nine African-American churchgoers were shot dead in a historically-black Charleston church this month, and the movement to remove the hate symbol became heated when pictures and a manifesto of white supremacist and suspected shooter Dylann Roof surfaced, showing him surrounded by Confederate flag imagery.

Puerto Rico Admits It's Broke and Can't Pay Debts, Millions of American at Risk


“The debt is not payable,” Mr. GarcĂ­a Padilla said. “There is no other option. I would love to have an easier option. This is not politics, this is math.”

New Drug "Flakka" Is Sweeping The Streets Of Florida. Makes Users Insane.

imagePolice in Brevard County and around Florida are keeping an eye on the spread of a synthetic drug that has been known to cause exceedingly strange behavior and even death for its users.

Flakka has been compared to bath salts in terms of its effects and its rapid rise in the mainstream world.

The drug, according to Cmdr. Dan Lynch of the Melbourne Police Department, can take the form of small crystals or powder. It's known in other states as "gravel," according to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

It can be snorted, injected or inhaled from a vaporizer.

"It's a synthetic drug, so it's kind of scary," said Lynch, who added that it has a high potential for abuse.

Jhonni Blaze on Drake: "I Should've Used Protection"

Aaron Hall: "Puffy & Jodeci, They All Seen Me F**k"

Aaron Hall on Gloria Velez: I Took Her & F***ed Her

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