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Born & Tink Da Demon Say Loaded Lux Beat Charlie Clips

Born & Tink Da Demon Say Loaded Lux Beat Charlie …: http://youtu.be/pXBwWqon8OE

Goodz Summer Madness 5 Recap: "Clips Edged Lux"

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Math Hoffa On Charlie Clips vs Loaded Lux

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Prestige Ent.’s Soufboi drops off a new banger “Hallelujah” that will be featured on his forthcoming Fresh Out Of Favors mixtape.


14 Yr Old Virgin Gets Pregnant By Flu Shot

San Angelo, TX | A 14-year old schoolgirl has suffered serious complications after a flu shot allegedly left the young girl terribly ill and with severe cramps, until the family doctor finally realized weeks later she had been impregnated by the vaccine, reports the Forth Worth Telegram this week.

After symptoms persisted several weeks, the distressed mother brought her child to the Whole Womans Health of Forth Worth medical clinic where she was found to be pregnant moments later.

“She was in excellent health beforehand. After a few days she became very unwell, she had all the symptoms of a fever” explains her mother. “It took a good few weeks before she felt better, but the nausea continued. She would throw up every day or so, until eventually we went to see Dr Hersch who realized she was pregnant” she told local reporters, visibly still under shock.

“She had all the typical symptoms of a pregnant woman. It’s not the first time a young woman falls pregnant without the consent of her parents, but the girl seemed sincere when she said she had never had sexual relations with a boy, and she urged me to check her hymen, which I eventually did, and to my utter surprise, the hymen was fully intact. It is impossible she has been impregnated by male sperm” she assures. “In my 26 years of practice, I have never heard once of such a thing as someone being impregnated by a vaccine, but I did some research and found out it is more common than most people think”.

The young girl and her family have decided to keep the baby regardless of the atypical situation. “We are devout Christians. If God made this birth possible, then who are we to judge the how or the why?” she ponders. “If Joseph and Mary had not given birth to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, where would humanity be today?” she asks, a tear in her eyes. “We will soon have a new family member within our community, and it is a gift and a blessing”.

Vaccine pregnancies: a controversial subject

“Vaccine technology is fairly recent in history so we hypothesize how they work, but as in this instance, why do some women fall pregnant from vaccines?” asks PhD student Alexa Goldberg, who is writing her doctoral thesis on the subject. “There is clearly a necessity to study this growing trend and further research is needed. The scientific community must stop avoiding this highly controversial subject. If nothing is done, this tragic situation will only repeat itself in the future” she warns.

A similar case occurred in 2013 when 11 young girls in Mexico, near the city of Juarez in the state of Veracruz, aged 11 to 17, claimed they had fallen pregnant after being given HPV shots. A moratorium was put on HPV vaccines for six months after Mexican health authorities claimed the “contaminated batch” was at the root cause of the problem.

The United Nations estimates over 4,000 people each year fall pregnant to vaccine shots, but a 2012 World Health Organization (WHO) report concludes the benefits of mass vaccination campaigns worldwide are well worth the risk.

The medical clinic where the inoculation took place firmly denies any wrong doing on their part and claims the accusations are “absurd and improbable”.

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Stephon Marbury Reveals How Much Your Favorite Sneakers Actually Cost To Make

Since entering the athletic shoe industry in the 2006 with his affordable brand of sneakers, retired NBA star Stephon Marbury has had to compete with more popular Nike shoes while confronting enthusiasts who don’t find his product aesthetically pleasing.

Marbury, who currently plays in the Chinese Basketball Association, recently announced the resurrection of his Starbury sneaker line on social media, telling sneaker heads that, like Jordan’s and other brands that come with a price tag of up toward $300, his $15 wares are produced in the same Chinese factories for $5 a pop.

Marbury’s comments come amid decades of conversation and criticism about the rising cost of the athletic footwear and string of sneaker-related deaths in the predominately black, low-income communities. More than 20 years after assailants took the life of teenager Michael Eugene Thomas during an Air Jordans robbery, urbanites of various ages continue to stand in line for new releases, even as the prices and stakes get higher.

In recent years, Nike has tried to quell tension by implementing RSVP and raffle systems that company heads said would make sneaker purchases safer. 

But little, if anything, has changed. In 2013, three men in Houston shot and killed a young father during a robbery. Just hours earlier, he purchased a pair of the newly released Jordan Gama Blue 11’s for himself and his son during the Christmas holiday season. The next year, an Ohio couple got pepper sprayed during the release of the Air Jordan XI and another young man lost his life during an altercation at a similar event.

Such has been the case for other expensive shoe brands. A Virginia teen was robbed for a pair of Foamposites. Around that same time, a Chicago-area man lost his life when someone took his $1,800 pair of Air Yeezys, a brand of Nike sneakers created by hip-hop superstar Kanye West.

Michael Jordan hasn’t done or said anything to address it, even as the Air Jordan brand garners a 55 percent market share in U.S. basketball and more than $2.25 million in annual profits, most from re-releases of earlier sneakers. In 2013, consumers spent $6.46 billion on athletic shoes. While Air Jordan and other brands don’t account for the total, experts say it’s a testament to people’s desire to make a fashion statement rather than engage in physical activity. This happens to especially be the case for black consumers, who have come to know these shoe brands via hip-hop culture and movies.

Even so, Marbury has maintained that providing an affordable product would preclude people from taking violent measures to wear popular footwear. 

However, his message may be less potent because of a rocky NBA history that includes an average of 17.6 points per game during five lackluster seasons with the New York Knicks.

After three titles and an MVP trophy with the Beijing Ducks, Marbury may have a sudden boost of confidence. His tweet counts among his latest taunts at detractors.

 Lil Wayne Claims Birdman Blocked Him From Signing Chanel West Coast, Among Others

Part of the rift that developed in the Young Money camp between Birdman and his artists was reportedly due to lack of freedom for their product. In the case of Lil Wayne, who put on artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj, part of his beef has been that he has not been able to sign artists he hopes will carry on the YMCMB legacy because of Birdman's limitations.

That has been the case when it comes to Chanel West Coast. Back in 2013 it was reported Chanel signed with Young Money, and is still featured on their website as an artist. According to Wayne's docs though the deal never went through so it's unclear whether Chanel was ever officially brought on, but negotiations went south when Cash Money refused to give the official sign off.

It has now come out that, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Baby kept Wayne from bringing on Chanel, which he claims lost the label millions of dollars in potential sales, etc. She is even still listed on the official site as one of YMCMB's artists to this day.

The documents are among the myriads of ones in the ongoing protracted legal battle between Lil Wayne and his former boss. TMZ reached out to Birdman to field reaction from him. So far, they haven't heard anything back.


Gerald "Geezy" Johnson, 34, acquitted of all charges by a city jury. (Baltimore)

*tweet embedded 

An alleged leader of the Black Guerrilla Family who was accused of directing two murders in Baltimore was acquitted of all charges by a city jury Friday morning.

Gerald "Geezy" Johnson, 34, took the stand in his own defense to refute prosecutors' accusation that he had directed the 2007 murder of Gregory Rochester and the 2013 killing of Moses Malone. Prosecutors had alleged Johnson believed they were cooperating with police.

State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby said her office was "disappointed" in the verdict against Johnson.

"This verdict does not discount the important work we do to combat violent gangs," Mosby said in a statement. "To date we have obtained guilty pleas for more than half of the defendants involved in this BGF takedown and have additional defendants awaiting trial."

Johnson was one of 48 alleged BGF members and associates charged in a takedown in late 2013, with prosecutors alleging a years-long campaign of drug dealing and violence that left 10 dead.

Twenty-seven defendants have been convicted since then, with sentences ranging from 17 days to eight years.

In recent months, however, prosecutors have been dropping cases. Since May, six cases have been dropped, and five other cases were placed on the "inactive" docket, which shelves the cases unless prosecutors revive them.

Johnson was one of the first to take his charges to a jury. Two others, Wesley Brown and Norman Handy, had their trials begin earlier this week. Another defendant who is awaiting trial, Joseph Bonds, had a first-degree murder charge dropped in advance of his case being heard, but still faces murder conspiracy, handgun and gang charges.

The State's Attorney's Office declined to address the dropped cases, but said "out office isn't afraid to try tough cases."

"This organization must be torn down, and we – as well as our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners – are doing everything we can to dismantle BGF in Baltimore," Mosby said.

Mark Van Bavel, Johnson's defense attorney, said the case was "not the strongest in the world for the state," relying on testimony from "compromised" witnesses. Van Bavel said Johnson wanted to take the stand to rebut the allegations.

"He wanted to explain the situation," Van Bavel said.

Johnson denied directing the murders, and said he was not a Black Guerrilla Family gang member. Shown a picture of him with other members of the gang and wearing T-shirts featuring images of gorillas, Johnson said they bought the shirts to mark the opening of a new "Planet of the Apes" movie.

Johnson said he was a party promoter and had worked with the gang once to promote a "welcome home" party for one of its leaders, but otherwise denied involvement in any part of their criminal enterprise.

One co-defendant in the case who has pleaded guilty testified against Johnson, as did another man who claimed to have taken the gang's oath with Johnson.

The indictments, announced in November 2013, outlined eight years of allegations including drug dealing and violence, mostly in the Barclay and Greenmount West areas of East Baltimore.

Johnson was on the lam for weeks after the indictment, until he was picked up on the Eastern Shore.

Gerald Collins, the head of the agency's Major Investigations Unit, personally tried Johnson's case along with another assistant state's attorney from the unit.

NFL Groupiez

Tracy Morgan said it best, “Hoes be winning.” For today’s groupie, a meal ticket is so 2005. Groupies today are all about "that life," and the fastest way to that life is found with any athlete or entertainer within digging reach. The lifestyle these men lead allows them to think “It ain’t tricking if you got it,” and boy…they are out here tricking. And shamefully, some of these guys are simpin’ too. Whether these men are trickin’ or simpin’, if a groupie has that “good good” then her life is great.

Football season is here, and the NBA lockout is a reality. Don’t underestimate the groupie, they know what's up. To the groupie, the NBA lockout is the equivalent of the 2008 stock market crash. The groupies need the NFL more than the fans need the NFL. This upcoming NFL season, the groupie wants to “just do it” and these NFL players “hear the footsteps” of fake red bottom heels coming.

As part of Complex.com's week-long NFL Preview, we surveyed several NFL players to get a glimpse into just what the groupie scene is like these days. We offered them anonymity in exchange for their candor. Here’s what they had to say.

By Richard Boadu for 6Magazine

1. How big of a problem are groupies?

"You really have to protect yourself. Now, not every baby mama is a groupie, but you see a lot of women seeking the benefits of NFL players. I try to be fair that women are naturally attracted to successful men and that [includes] athletes. But now with groupies, it’s a bigger beast." - An NFC South Pro Bowler

"A big problem because a lot of guys that never really had ‘em before have ‘em now, and they don’t now how to act with the new attention. Groupies are really bad because they destroy homes. A lot of these players are married with children. These groupies don’t give a fu*k at all about a man being married. They just care about themselves and what they can get out the situation." - A free agent safety

"Not a problem unless you let them be a problem." - One of the best defensive tackles in the game

2. What city has the most?

"New York, L.A., Miami, Houston, Vegas and wherever the big events are." - A cornerback for a team on the East Coast

"Miami, L.A. and Phoenix." - An East Coast Pro Bowler

"Dallas, Houston…especially Atlanta, and Jacksonville has them too. The women in Puerto Rico and Brazil are easy but they really could care less that you play in the NFL. They just know that you’re from out of town and want to show you a good time." - A free agent safety

3. What city has the least?

"I don’t know. They are everywhere really. If I had to pick a city, I’d say Buffalo." - NFC East Pro Bowler

"Any city without a pro team." - An NFC South Pro Bowler

4. What city has the hottest groupies?

"Houston, L.A. and Miami." - An NFC South Linebacker

"You can never go wrong with Atlanta, and Miami would be a close second." - State of Florida lineman

"Phoenix for sure." - A current Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion

5. What city has the ugliest groupies?

"Since they are small towns, Buffalo or Green Bay. They may have some diamonds in the rough though." - AFC East rookie

Caitlyn Jenner and Kim Kardashian

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