Wesley Snipes Talks About Being Suicidal by Losing Out On Role in First ‘Coming to America

image“I auditioned for ‘Coming to America,’ and I remember being so sad,” Snipes recalled. “‘Cause I really wanted to be in the movie. I wanted to work with him, and I was really, like, contemplating what my purpose in life was after losing that to Light skinned Eriq La Salle.”

Murphy then explained why Snipes wasn’t right for the role, which had to do with his physical characteristics more than anything else. And it’s something that Snipes didn’t know at the time but wish he did, based on his response.

“Our look was too close,” Murphy explained. “You actually look more African than me.”

“I didn’t know none of that, man,” Snipes said afterwards. “That would have healed me. I was in the bathroom [like] ‘Why am I even doing this? I’m not going to quit. They not gonna break me down.'”

In the sequel to “Coming to America,” called “Coming 2 America,” Snipes plays General Izzi, the leader of an African nation that borders the fictional Zamunda, the country that Murphy’s character Prince Akeem rules.

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Major Nurses’ Union Backs Bernie Sanders and His Push for ‘Medicare for All’

imageWASHINGTON — The country’s largest nurses’ union will endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for president this week, a significant boost to his campaign from a major ally in the fight for his signature health care proposal.

The union, National Nurses United, fervently supported Mr. Sanders’s last bid for the White House in 2016, and its members have been significant players in Democratic politics since then, showing up in red T-shirts to support Mr. Sanders’s progressive allies in intraparty battles. They have also canvassed neighborhoods in swing congressional districts, urging voters to get behind “Medicare for all,” Mr. Sanders’s plan for a nationalized health insurance system.

“We know what we have done and what it takes to bring about fundamental change, and it’s massive organizing and a mass movement,” said Jean Ross, a co-president of the union. “Of all the candidates, Bernie is the one who understands that.”

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